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  • Best Webcams for Streaming on Twitch and Youtube 2023
    All streamers face the same questions when first starting out. What’s a good webcam I should go with? Whether you’re starting out as a new streamer or simply want to update your gear to the next level, selecting the right webcam is an important step to consider when it comes to optimizing the viewer experience. …

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  • Streaming Essentials for Twitch and Youtube Startups
    It can be overwhelming in sourcing the amount of gear needed when starting out streaming on Twitch or Youtube. Approach a live-streaming career as a startup company. You must invest your own funds into the company at the beginning and focus on starting to earn a profit return as your career matures. And, like all …

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  • Rimworld: Should Pawns be Drinking Beer?
    Who doesn’t love beer? Let it be after a hard day’s work or the breakfast drink of choice, let your pawn decide! Beer in Rimword is considered a social drug in beverage form, but, unlike other Rimworld drugs, beer provides a small amount of nutrition and recreational benefits. However, overuse of beer in Rimworld may …

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