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  • Should I Buy Rimworld on Steam or Epic Games?
    There are a few options for PC gamers when it comes to Rimworld. There are two main digital platforms for buying video games: Steam and Epic Games. Both offer a variety of games for purchase, but which one should you use to buy Rimworld? You can purchase it on Steam, the most popular platform for …

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  • Rimworld Best Quality of Life Mods Must Haves
    Rimworld is an amazing colony management game that can consume hundreds of hours of your time playing without a single mod installed. That being said, some may feel that they would like some quality of life mods (QoL mods) to lighten up some of the gameplay and just make things a little more convenient overall …

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  • Rimworld Best Schedule Setups
    Scheduling in Rimworld can be very dull, which is why for a long time I stuck to the default anything and sleep schedule. However, it is not the best schedule. Your pawns will not be efficient and it will actually take longer to complete projects and tasks. It’s actually better to define your pawn’s sleep, …

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