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  • Lost Ark: Devs Handling Botting Problem
    Lost Ark has not been out too long and many are already noticing a huge botting problem. Smilegate, the developer, has been working hard to address the botting issue by reviewing which effective tools and methods can be used to combat these ill-intent players. There have already been over a million bot accounts banned from …

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  • Best PC Cases for Airflow Cooling
    Many people may overlook the importance of the PC case, most choosing whatever they think looks great or hitting some price point they want to spend. That couldn’t be more of a mistake, the PC case is essentially the lungs of the PC build directing airflow to the important components inside ensuring proper cooling, and …

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  • Lost Ark: Free Estoque Upgrade for Levels 5 to 7
    Who else is focusing on sailing in Lost Ark and wants to level their Estoque ship? Well then, you are in for a treat for this month! The daily login for the 19th day of this month is enough Estoque upgrading material that you can level from 5 to 7 totally free for logging in. …

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