Top 5 Twitch Username Generators

Choosing a 2022 Twitch username can be a very stressful task. Selecting a username not only identifies you as a Twitch streamer but also will be your branding. It is important to choose a name to find the right username that makes your personality and streaming atmosphere.

There are a plethora of Twitch name generators available nowadays, but most are mediocre at best. We put to the test the most popular twitch name generators in 2022 and a few of the modern ones such as an ai-powered twitch name generator to come up with a catchy and easy to remember. A streamer name that is fun and catchy is very different from cool names like those found in different fantasy or anime names that are more serious in nature.

There are all sorts of gamers out there, and finding the right twitch username for you can be tough. That’s why we’ve created this list of different gamer types, so you can choose the right one for you. From first-person shooters to puzzle games, there’s something for everyone on this list. So take your time, browse through the different categories, and find the perfect game for you.

Look no further, below is a list of the top 5 username generators. Leave it to the fates using a Twitch random name generator or use some of these best twitch name generators below for different categories. Make sure to look through the list below to pick the option that works best for you as the generators vary quite a bit. You’ll be sure to find the best username for your Twitch Channel using one of the below.

Username Guidelines

First, there are some guidelines you should consider while searching for your perfect stream username. Try and take these tips into account as you come across usernames you like and may tweak if it’s already taken.

  1. Keep it short and simple, easy to say, and catchy
  2. Try to pick something unique and original
  3. Avoid numbers, if possible
  4. Avoid wrapping your ideal username in letters to make work (xXusernameXx)
  5. Avoid using underscores ( _ ) and hyphens ( – )
  6. Avoid TV, LIVE, IRL in your name (cringe)

Fantasy Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator is one of the favorites for deriving that unique username for your streaming channel. The site offers over 1,400 name generators to choose from where you select a category and within that category select a subcategory. You will be presented with a list of ten randomized names that you can toggle refresh to generate additional ideas.

Fantasy Name Generator category names.

Some categories with their subcategories include:

World of Warcraft: Human, Night Elf, Dwarf, Nightborne, Vulpera, etc.
Diablo: Angel, Demon, Khazra, Nephalem
Game of Thrones: Dothraki, Free Folk, Westeros, Valyrian, etc.
Lord of the Rings: Balrog, Bree, Dale, Dwarf, Hobbit, Orc, Sindarin, etc.
Minecraft: Animals, Villagers, Zombies
Destiny: Awoken, Cabal, Exo, Fallen, Hive, Human, Vex

And many more name generators to choose from.

What we like the most about this username generator is that all the results are simple and unique with no numbers! These lists already meet the guidelines presented above so there’s no manual filtering needed on your part.


SpinXO is a very popular go-to option for many trying to brainstorm usernames. It will create hundreds of unique name ideas for you to quickly scroll through. It gets even better, SpinXO has their very own Twitch name generator!

SpinXO Twitch name generator

Simply enter you desired name or nickname, some info about yourself, and any important words or numbers and let the generator pump out 30 unique usernames. If none grab your interest you can easily hit spin again for additional ideas.

SpinXO name generator results

Another great feature from SpinXO is that if you like a generated name you can click on the star icon next to the name and let SpinXO research if the name is already taken across different platforms like YouTube and Reddit.

SpinXO definitely offers a lot of options all entirely for free that would make it a great username generator to use and save yourself time manually seeing if it’s available on additional social media platforms.


GeneratorMix is a basic Twitch username generator where you enter in your desired nickname or a specific word you want to be a part of your username and then clarify whether or not you want numbers or underscores included in the results. (No!)

GeneratorMix username generator entry form

Before hitting Generate you can set the number of results for the list generated. We set it to 15, but you can go much higher if you want to save time regenerating multiple times.

GeneratorMix username results list

You can generate as many lists as you feel fit. These suggested usernames may not be the exact name you choose, but their random combinations may spark an idea if your mind that leads you to your very own thought-up username.

Cool Generator

Cool Generator is a username generator not specifically geared towards any platform. It will offer a large list of username ideas that include a keyword that you identify. It also allows you to set a range for username length so that if you are specifically looking for a short or long username you are presented with only those ideas.

Similar to GenerateMix, Cool Generator compiles a list of randomized combinations of words that include your entered keyword. Again, you may not go with the exact ideas pitched by the tool, but it may spark additional ideas in your head that you come up with your own username.

Rum and Monkey

Rum and Monkey is a unique username generator that asks you a series of questions where at the end you are rewarded with one single name.

Rum and Monkey quiz questionnaire name generator

First, you must pick a genre of Name Generator you’d like results from. Some examples would be Ancient Greek, Military, Viking, Anime, Pirate, and many, many more options. However, this generator may get tedious if you do not like the name given and rerun the test multiple times. If you want to leave your username to random fate, this could be a fun option to go in on.

Available on other Social Media Platforms

Once you find your perfect Twitch username you should make effort to ensure that it is also free on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit. There’s nothing worse than renaming your Twitch account to find out the same username is already taken on Twitter or YouTube and now you must wait 60 days before trying again for a new name.

Luckily, there’s an easy tool for this! You can use a website called Namechk to scan a multitude of other sites to check if the username is already taken. This is a very powerful tool to use offering over 96 websites to scan and verify if your username is already taken.

Namechk site selection to scan

Do not skip this step and regret it later when you go to expand onto other social media platforms!


You should strive for a unique name that identifies you on Twitch and above are the best tools to help you achieve that. It can be overwhelming picking the perfect name, but don’t rush it and even take a night to sleep on it to be sure it’s the right fit. It’s much more work later to change your username if you already established social media and your brand.

These tools listed above may give you your perfect username or they may just help inspire you to come up with one on your own. Again, try to avoid using numbers, underscores, and hyphens to get the username in mind. Keep playing with ideas to find that short and simple username!

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