Best Twitch Viewbot [2022 Update]

First and foremost:
Viewbots are against Twitch’s Terms of Services and are discouraged by the general community. While they may be common amongst starting and small streamers you must use viewbots at your own risk that your channel may be detected and banned without warning.

This list is composed of reputable and tested viewbots that offer a service that has proven to work. There are many scam websites that will take your money and leave you with a viewbot that will be easily detected resulting in a channel ban. While you may still get caught using one of the bots on this list, many have successfully used these viewbots without any incidents and have deemed them trustable.

Why Viewbot?

There may be many reasons one may consider viewbotting. For most, it is due to the difficult discoverability on Twitch for small streamers. It is impossible to get noticed on Twitch unless you have big friends to give a helping hand or if you already have a large social following on another platform that follow you over. Twitch will often publish statements that you need to continue being you with engaging content and, eventually, you will get noticed. This is hardly ever true and easier said than done. Who is going to scroll to the bottom of the page to see you at 2 viewers versus clicking another streamer at the top of the page.

For many, Viewbots are the means to give your channel and stream the little push it needs to gain attention of a category’s viewerbase. Viewbots have come a long way, most looking more natural where the viewcount fluctuates to represent people coming-and-going over the course of your stream while other viewbots can offer scripted chat logs to push for engagement in your chat.

Below is a short list of the most reputable viewbots with channel safety in mind.

Viewerlabs Viewbot

*Update: Twitch has legally taken down Viewlab’s website and permanently shut down the company.

Viewerlabs has arguably the best viewbot on the market offering the best bang for your buck. It is easily amongst the top trusted viewbots available and one of the longest-running viewbot services. They are consistently updating their services and even offer a 30-minute free trial to give their viewbot a test try before purchasing. Their key features are promoting realistic live views with options of enabling scripted chat conversations, organic channel views, and aged account followers with legitimate bios and profile pictures. They even offer 24/7 on-site chat support so if there’s ever an issue you can get it resolved right away for limited downtime.

Viewerlabs offers a couple of different purchasing packages ranging from single-use to monthly plans. Prices range from $5 (12-hour single-use) to a $35 monthly plan. Prices increasing for larger amounts of viewers needed. Best of all, Viewerlabs almost always have a discount coupon available for use and can even stack plans to take advantage of the coupon savings. They even will accept cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin) payments offering 10% savings!

Viewerlabs pricing for monthly plans.

Viewerlabs Summary

  • Realistic Live Viewers
  • Organic Channel Views
  • Timed/Scheduled Bot Followers
  • Included Chatbot Chatters
  • 24/7 On-site Chat Support
  • Generous Pricing
  • Coupon Code discounts commonly offered


BoostHill is an established Social Media Marketing Agency that provides services to many different platforms – one being Twitch. They offer many different types of viewer packages such as one-time viewer boosts for specified durations (30m, 60m, 120m, …, 240 minutes) and then longer plans for weekly, monthly, and even yearly plans. The single-use plans allow you to choose from 100-2,000 viewers and include chatters while the weekly/monthly/yearly plans allows for 25-2,000 viewers, but without chatters (sold seperately). Best of all, for the weekly/monthly/yearly plans there is no hardcap for hours streamed – you will have unlimited streaming hours with the purchased views.

BoostHill twitch viewer service

The neat thing about BoostHill is once you purchase a weekly, monthly, or yearly plan is that the viewers will automatically start joining your channel within 5 minutes of your stream starting. This makes it more hands-off than other services as you basically set it up once and then forget about it until the service duration ends whereas other services you need to manually start the viewbots everytime you start the stream.

BoostHill services offer for the Twitch platform

BoostHill Summary

  • Stable Live Viewers
  • Mimic Organic Viewers
  • Auto Join Channel
  • Unlimited Stream Hours
  • 24/7 On-site Chat Support
  • Fair Pricing
  • Coupon Code discounts commonly offered

Finally, BoostHill also provides


Streambot claims to be made by streamers, for streamers. They offer a one-day trial plan to give it a go before purchasing one of their flexible plans. Their viewbot offers realistic views that appear on your viewerlist and can participate in chat with either a pre-generated chatlog or a custom one that you create. The viewbot dashboard is slick allowing you to set how many viewers you want to join your channel and at what timeframe interval so that they do not show up unrealistically at once.

The neat thing about this particular viewbot is that you can set the origin of viewers. Meaning if you stream at odd hours where your local audience may be sleeping or at work, you can set your viewer origin to another country that may be home relaxing for the night so it makes sense to Twitch should they review your traffic. Options to choose from are Mixed, North America, Europe, and Russia.

Streambot has a slick and user-friendly dashboard to use.

Streambot is a very affordable viewbot option with weekly and monthly plans available ranging from 10 viewers up to 100 viewers. The weekly plan starts at $10 going up to $30, respectively to viewers; and the monthly plan starts at $25 up to $90, respectively.

Streambot monthly plans are reasonably affordable.

Streambot Summary

  • Realistic Live Viewers
  • Time Interval Channel Joining
  • Define Origin of Viewers
  • Supports Multiple Channel Usage (2 Day Cooldown)
  • Unlimited Usage with Membership
  • Affordable Pricing


*Update: Twitch has legally taken down’s website and permanently shut down the company.

ViewsRun legally shutdown by Twitch is no longer in business.

ViewsRun is another affordable viewbot that has been around for some time and has proven to be reputable. They claim to have continued active development to keep up against Twitch’s defenses and ensures a safe and high-quality service. They offer itemized viewbot packages (viewers and chatters, followers, channel views, clip views, VOD views) so that you can choose and purchase specifically what you need for your stream. For the sake of this review, we will discuss the live viewers and chatters viewbot.

ViewsRun has a simple dashboard and allows you to set a custom viewer count so that you can set it to any unique number of botted viewers for your channel. These viewers will take about 10 minutes to arrive and will slowly trickle in instead of flooding your channel all at once to look more natural. You can also set your viewerlist count along with how long you may be streaming for so that your viewbots slowly leave during your streams outro.

ViewsRun viewbot dashboard is simple and nothing flashy.

To use ViewsRun viewbot you must purchase a Use Key. These Use Keys are either a 10-hour one-time use code or a monthly (30 day) code that initiates a countdown on first use. The single-use keys are good for up to 100 viewbots while the monthly keys range from 100 viewers to 1,000 viewers. Impressively, ViewsRun is the only viewbot service in this review to offer up to 1,000 viewbots! Pricing for single keys is $5.00 or a bundle of ten (10x) for $35 which is a good deal to consider if you stream sporadically where you may not get your money’s worth out of a monthly time limit. The monthly plan starts at $50 for 100 viewers and goes up to $340 for the 1,000 viewer package.

Notable tip: When viewing the website, take notice to any chat messages that may pop up in the lower right corner as these are often coupon codes for discounts should you make a purchase.

ViewsRun pricing is the cheapest of the services reviewed.

ViewsRun Summary

  • Generous Live Viewers Offered
  • Set Custom Amount of Live Viewers
  • Set Custom Amount of Users in Viewerlist
  • Can Specify Time for Bot to Run during Stream
  • Itemized Packages – only purchase what you need
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Cheap Pricing
  • Discount Codes Available


While more expensive than other viewbots, TwitchBoost is a very solid option. They offer an automated service of realistic Twitch accounts for any of their packages including live viewers, followers, and chatters. Their packages are flexible offering daily, weekly, and monthly plans ranging from 20 to 200 viewbots. These plans are a one-time nonrecurring fee that requires manually repurchasing if needed further and have instant delivery. The viewbots enter your stream gradually ramping up to your defined viewcount specified and will disappear when the stream ends.

The unfortunate thing about TwitchBoost is that they do not offer all options in one bundled package as with the other viewbots reviewed. If you want it all (live views, follower, channel views, chatters) you are looking at purchasing multiple plans which will add up to spending a significant amount of money that you could have otherwise gotten much more out of other viewbot services. While they claim to be 100% legit, secure, and permanent followers we question if the premium price is worth it as the goal is to acquire a temporary exposure boost in hopes of gaining the attention of real Twitch viewers. However, we will admit their chatterbots are one of the best we have reviewed and do look to be realistic that real Twitch users may not notice them to be fake.

TwitchBoost monthly pricing plans can be ridiculously expensive!

TwitchBoost Summary

  • Realistic Live Viewers
  • Permanent Followers
  • Permanent Channel Views
  • Realistic Chatbot Chatters
  • Itemized Packages
  • Expensive Pricing
  • 24/7 Chat Support

How Safe is Viewbotting Actually

In general, viewbotting can be relatively safe if you are realistic and smart about doing it. In most cases, there is not enough proof or evidence that somebody is using viewbots for Twitch to ban their channel. Unless you inadvertently open the viewbot website on stream.

That being said, the number one way streamers are caught using viewbots is through real Twitch viewers reporting them under suspicion which then notifies Twitch Staff to chime in and investigate your stream. It will be apparent if you have 100 viewers with a dead chat because everyone is actually a fake bot. Even if you use a viewbot that offers chatting, usually the chat messages do not align with your content and don’t make much sense why somebody would type that in chat at that particular moment.

Our best recommendation is to use the smallest packages available by the viewbot services with the intent to boost your stream in a small increment to not draw too much negative attention to yourself. Nobody becomes a 100-200 viewer streamer overnight.

Final Thoughts on Viewbots

We personally do not condone the use of Viewbots as they are against Twitch’s TOS. However, we understand gaining exposure on Twitch is no easy task and through the use of viewbots, one can boost their discoverability chances in the community. For this reason, we have gone through the efforts of screening through the available viewbots and providing you with a list of the very best and only the most reputable to help protect you and your channel. The last thing you would want is Twitch banning your channel for using the cheapest or insecure viewbot.

We would recommend if you do decide on using a viewbot to select a package that is realistic for your channel. In other words, do not select a 200 viewer package if you usually only have 1-2 people in chat. Anybody familiar with your channel will know something is up and anybody that joins will be suspicious if your chat is empty with that many viewers. If you are new, we suggest going with the smallest package to start, and if you can set a custom number of viewbots to join your channel try keeping it less than 10 so that it will appear as though you have lurkers watching that do not want to chat. This will help keep you safe and will not draw unwanted attention to yourself.

If you want our personal recommendation for which viewbot to use, we would suggest BoostHill. They have been around for some time and do not seem to be going anywhere. They offer many other services besides Twitch viewbots which does provide some confidence that they may be larger and more reputable than other Twitch viewbot services.