How to Setup Fossabot Chatbot on Twitch?

Fossabot is a chatbot claimed to provide the ultimate chat experience built by the community, for the community. Stating to be a no-nonsense, interactive, fast, simple, and user-friendly chatbot. Fossabot is currently only compatible with Twitch.

There’s no doubting the popularity of Fossabot. It is a great choice for a chatbot and used by many large community streamers, such as:

  • xQcOW
  • Sodapoppin
  • Nmplol
  • Quin69
  • HasanAbi
  • Pokelawls
  • Tfue
  • TimTheTatman

Link Fossabot to your Twitch Account

Connecting Fossabot with Twitch

To start, first you must link your Twitch account to the Fossabot cloud service. To do this simply click the Login with Twitch icon located in multiple areas on the homepage.

Authorize Fossabot access to you Twitch Account

Twitch will pop up with an Authorize window to allow Fossabot to access your account. Simple click the Authorize button.

That’s it! Fossabot is now linked to your Twitch Streamer Channel.

Initial Fossabot Setup

Now that Fossabot is linked to your Twitch account you should be forwarded to the Fossabot dashboard. Here is the heart of Fossabot operations where you will be able to create custom commands, times, chat alerts, and moderation settings.

Fossabot dashboard display

Give Fossabot Twitch API Authorization

Fossabot Twitch API authorization

There are some extra features of Fossabot that require Twitch API authorization. Located on the dashboard, click Authorize with Twitch.

With Twitch API authorization granted Fossabot will be able to update your channel’s title, game category, cut VODs, verify a user is subscribed, and even create a list of all subscribers.

Once authorized, it can be verified on the dashboard page that it was successful and enabled.

Make Fossabot Join Chat

Fossabot controls to join chat, leave chat, and mute bot.

On the upper right corner of the dashboard, you will see a dropdown tab titles Bot Controls. Here simple click Join Channel to have Fossabot enter your channel’s chat.

Ensure Fossabot is moderated in your channel's chat

A new window will pop up reminding you that you must go into your chat and mod Fossabot to ensure it can function properly with any channel moderation you may set up.

/mod fossabot

And you’re done! Your Fossabot is now activated and present in your channel. Now you can begin modifying the settings to fit any of your needs from this chatbot.

Fossabot Commands Setup

Custom commands can bring your own taste to your channel and community. It can provide a unique experience for your viewers and chatters that they cannot find in other streamer channels.

Commands allow chatters to control the bot with specific outputs or functions. From changing the stream title and game category to providing chat with information such as uptime, subscriber activity, and social media shoutouts.

To get started, simply click on the Commands tab on the side panel on the left. Here, you can click Create Command and begin giving your bot its own unique functions.

Fossabot custom command setup menu

Here’s a common example for a custom command. !twitter

The Fossabot response would be to @user in chat and provides your Twitter handle for them to search. Alternatively, you could provide the link to your direct Twitter Profile page.

Some other variables to note in creating custom commands are cooldown for usage, when it’s available to use, and who can use the command in chat. Here are some options explained:

  • User Cooldown: how often someone in chat can request the bot to perform the command. In the example above, the user must wait 15 seconds before being able to ask Fossabot for your Twitter again.
  • Global Cooldown: how often the command can be used by anybody. In this example, if another user wanted to ask for the Twitter account they must wait 5 seconds since somebody literally just asked, and hopefully, they can simply read chat for the answer.
    This can be helpful to reduce bot spam in your channel.
  • Command Mode: here you can set when the command can be used. Either only when you are online streaming, only when you are offline, or both. In our example, it makes sense to promote social media following whether we are online or offline.
  • Minimum Userlevel: this lets you set who specifically in chat can use the chat command. Options are non-subs, subscribers, founder, VIP, regular, moderator, super moderator, channel editor, channel admin, and broadcaster. In the example, we chose all viewers (non-subs) to be allowed to ask for our Twitter profile.

This is the basic run down for setting up custom commands. Now it will be up to you to determine what you would like your bot to do and put your own personal take on its functions and personality.

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Fossabot Keyword Setup

Keywords are one very useful feature of Fossabot. It allows Fossabot to respond in a particular direction based on the contents within the user’s message. This will provide the capabilities for chat moderation, auto-responses to frequently asked questions, and more.

To get started, simply click on the Keywords tab on the side panel on the left. Here, you can click Create Keyword and start specifying words you want the bot to scan chat for and how to react or respond to them.

For an example of using keywords, we will set up a keyword response for when a chatter says Streaminal is helpful.

Fossabot keyword set up menu

Using Different Types Phrase Groups

In this example seen above, we identified the keyword naming as Streaminal is Helpful with the Fossabot response being directed to the chatter stating We are very happy to hear that!

It’s important to note how to properly set up group phrases. For example, take note of phrase group on line #0: streaminal, is, helpful – all separate keyword entries. This allows the bot to be triggered in any variation of those words as long as the message contains the three words. This means a user can state Streaminal is not helpful and Fossabot will still respond with We are very happy to hear that! That can be quite embarrassing and will surely get some laughs in chat.

To prevent this, take a look at the phrase group on line #1. Entering the entire phrase into one keyword entry tells Fossabot the exact phrase that needs to be met to execute the output message. Therefore, Fossabot will not respond if somebody says Streaminal is not helpful but will respond if somebody chats Streaminal is helpful!!!

Using Multiple Phrase Groups

Now what if you want the same Fossabot responses for multiple different chat messages? This can be done under one keyword entry rather than creating multiple individual entries, and here’s how to do it.

Incorrect method for using multiple keyword phrases for a response

In this example, we want Fossabot to respond thanking the chatter if they say Streaminal is helpful OR Streaminal is awesome. However, this is incorrect currently functioning as an AND statement instead. Setting up the keyword as above would require the chatter to say Streaminal is helpful and Streaminal is awesome in one message.

The correct method for setting up an OR function for keywords is using separate phrase group lines. Your keyword entry should look like this:

Correct method for using multiple keyword phrase groups for the same bot response

Now whether a chatter says Streaminal is helpful OR Streaminal is awesome Fossabot will respond with the thank you message.

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Fossabot Chat Alert Setup

Chat Alerts are messages you can set up for Fossabot to announce to everybody in chat when a viewer subscribes, gifts a subscription, cheers, or tunes in to the stream for the first time. Chat Alerts also has the ability to incorporate any custom commands you may have created.

To get started, simply click on the Chat Alerts tab on the side panel on the left under Channel Admin Settings. Here, you can enable or disable which chat alerts you’d like active in your chat. Options are New Subscriber Alerts, Resubscriber Alerts, Gift Subscriber Alerts, Prime Subscriber Alerts, Raid Alerts, Cheer Alerts, Host Alerts, and Follower Alerts. Unfortunately, there is no capability to set up any custom alerts from the populated list above.

Quick overview of each category. Subscription alerts are broken down into three different tier levels; each capable of having its own unique message sent to chat.

Fossabot chat alerts allow for unique messages for each sub tier level.

Subscription alerts are broken down into three different tier levels as on Twitch; each capable of having its own unique message sent to chat.

Fossabot cheer alert example.

Cheer, Host, and Raid alerts can be set to go off when a defined value is met. For example, cheer alerts for 100+ bits donated, host alerts for 10+ viewers hosted, or raid alerts for 10+ viewers joined. This will help reduce chat spam for smaller contributions.

Chat alerts are a great way to automate engaging with your audience and also give additional incentive for your community to contribute as it provides them with a moment of spotlight.

Fossabot Takeaway

Fossabot may not provide as much viewer entertainment as the other chatbots – lacking minigames, but don’t be fooled it is still a powerful bot for channel moderation. It is still one of the more popular selections amongst some of the top streamers within the Twitch community.

If mini-games are a must for your channel and community, consider run two bots within your channel. Fossabot for chat moderation and chat alerts and possible StreamElements or Streamlabs for mini-games and other entertainment features.

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