How to Setup Fossabot Keywords

Fossabot Keywords are one very useful feature. It allows Fossabot to automatically respond in a particular direction based on the contents within the user’s message.  Fossabot is always scanning the contents of a message and if the conditions are met that you define, the Keyword is triggered resulting in Fossabot performing useful things such as moderation or responding to frequently asked questions in chat. This can save a lot of energy for you repeating answers constantly for basic questions viewers ask about you. We will dig into common examples below!

Getting Started with Fossabot Keywords

To get started, simply click on the Keywords tab (1) on the side panel on the left. Here, you can click Create Keyword (2) and start specifying words you want the bot to scan chat for and how to react or respond to them.

Fossabot creating a new Keyword

A new window will pop up for defining the criteria and output functions for the keyword you want to create. The window will look like the picture depicted below:

Fossabot Keyword Settings
  1. Title or Name that identifies the Keyword function you are creating so that you know what it is and can find it at a later time should you want to edit something.
  2. The output function for when the Keyword is trigger by a chat user. Examples would be a chat message or a bot command (such as /ban)
  3. The keyword or phrase group that Fossabot will scan for that triggers the Keyword Response (#2)
  4. This is how long the user must wait before the bot will trigger the keyword output again. Prevents users spamming the bot.
  5. This is how long everybody in chat must wait to use the keyword if somebody uses the keyword before them. Prevents bot spamming chat.
  6. Define who can trigger this keyword output. (Can be set to Non-subs, Regulars, VIPs, Subs, Mods, and Broadcaster)
  7. Define excluding certain user ranks from triggering the keyword output. (Example would be excluding mods and higher from triggering)
  8. Set whether or not the bot output is publicly readable to everyone or sent privately to the user who triggered the keyword.
  9. Set if an amount of bits is required from the user to trigger the keyword through a cheer.
  10. Can set for the keyword to only trigger if you are live, offline, or in both cases.
  11. Can choose to ignore cooldowns or not.

Understanding Types of Phrase Groups

Referring to #3 above, the phrase group is the most critical criteria to get correct when setting up your Fossabot Keywords as this will control how and when your bot responds with the output. Here we will walk through an example to explain:

Say you want to create a Keyword autoresponse so that Fossabot will automatically answer a chatter that asks, “How tall are you?” Below is the initial setup window excluding the cooldowns and userlevel refinements for simplicity.

Naming Fossabot Keyword as individual entries

We are calling this function HowTall and specifying that Fossabot will respond to chat stating, “Streaminal is 6’4″ (193 cm)“. Now in this example, we specified the #0 phrase group as individual word entries how, tall, are, and you. This means any sentence consisting these four words will trigger the keyword output response. So a chat user could type, “How tall are the mountains where you live?” and Fossabot would see the four trigger words and automatically respond “Streaminal is 6’4″ (193 cm).” This wouldn’t make much sense and would look pretty silly for your viewers.

Fossabot incorrectly answering to keywords mentioned

Fossabot incorrectly answering to keywords mentioned.

To solve this, you would want to specify the phrase group as a single entry phrase instead of individual entry words. The correct entry phrase would look like this:

Naming Fossabot Keyword as single entry

This would now only trigger Fossabot when the exact phrase is mentioned in chat:

Fossabot correctly answering to keywords mentioned

Notice Fossabot will not respond to the question about how tall mountains are even though the four keywords have been mentioned.

Consider Additional Variations of the Keyword Phrase

Depending on the keyword entry, it may be difficult to come up with all the variations that a chat user may type. For this example, we will think of all the ways somebody could ask how tall someone is.

Multiple keyword phrase groups in Fossabot

Now if a chat user types a message containing, how tall are you, how tall is he, or how tall is streaminal Fossabot will now answer.

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Popular Fossabot Keyword Examples

As seen in the above example, setting up Fossabot Keywords can be a huge time and energy saver allowing to use the chatbot as an automated tool for answering common questions that new viewers will constantly ask. This can be a big game-changer for your channel as you may miss reading chat messages to see questions asked, but clearly you have a viewer looking for an answer about yourself. Fossabot will answer these questions for you allowing a personable relationship to develop between you and the viewer without any additional effort on your end. Following the steps laid out above allows for endless possibilities and creativity. Below is a list of popular keyword topics you can add to Fossabot to help automate responses to frequently asked questions.

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
  • Living Location
  • Job/Profession
  • Hobbies
  • Favorite Games
  • Streaming Equipment (Camera, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, etc)
  • Social Media Links (Twitter, Instagram, Reddit)

Fossabot Keywords Takeaway

The variation and functionality of keywords that Fossabot allows are endless. It will be only limited to your own imagination. Remember, you can include custom commands in the keyword output response which can also allow some pretty slick chat functions to be created. It can be extremely time-consuming setting up, but that’s the fun part and once completed you will forever reap the benefits with minimal maintenance.

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