How to Setup Moobot Chatbot on Twitch?

Moobot is one of the oldest bots around going back to the days. It is a cloud-based bot that offers similar features to Nightbot for increasing viewer engagement and moderation. Moobot always has the streamer in mind maintaining consistent updates and development to stay competitive with the newest features. Unfortunately, Moobot is only compatible with Twitch at this time.

Moobot has one of the best UI’s and graphical interfaces of all the bots available. It is very user-friendly and pleasant to work with. It should be noted though upfront, Moobot does have paid monthly subscriptions of $4.99, $14.99, and $24.99 for more premium features than what is initially offered in their core-featured free chatbot. This may be a turnoff for some who are looking for all the bells and whistles that other bots offer for free.

Initial Moobot Setup

Moobot signup

To start, first, you must link your Twitch account to the Moobot cloud service. To do this simply click on Connect with Twitch on the homepage.

Twitch authorization for Moobot

Twitch will pop up with an Authorize window to allow Nightbot to access your account. Simply click the Authorize button.

And that’s it, don’t forget to go into your chat and moderate Moobot! You will now be forwarded to Moobot’s dashboard page where a summary of your stream stats should be displayed. Moobot has one of the most user-friendly dashboards of all the bots available. Here you see your stream preview, title and game, stream activity, view count, stream chat, and a summary of moobot actions being performed.

Moobot dashboard page for stream summary.

Moobot Custom Commands

Moobot comes with a host of built-in commands that can be toggled on and off depending on your needs. These are nice utilities to get your channel up and running, but you should put some focus on custom commands too. Custom commands can bring your own personality to your community and provide a unique experience for your viewers and chatters that they cannot find in other streamer channels.

Custom Moobot commands allow chatters to control the bot with specific outputs or functions. From changing the stream title and game category to providing chat with information such as uptime, chat alerts, and social media shoutouts.

Moobot custom command window.

To get started, simply click on the Commands tab on the side panel on the left. Here, you can click Custom Commands and a new window will pop up. Begin giving your bot its own unique functions by populating the custom command name in the popup window on the bottom and select Create to the right.

Moobot custom command variables

A great feature Moobot offers in its custom commands is the ability to select variables from a dropdown list versus manually typing it out as with other bots. The preconfigured list of variables allows you to simply click which message variable you want to include. For instance, you can click the second option from the top, Username, to have Moobot respond with the chatter’s name in its message.

Moobot custom command settings

On top of creating a unique command name and function output, Moobot also provides some additional settings for the custom command as seen in the screenshot. You can set a cooldown for command use in chat, permissions for who can use the command, and when Moobot is allowed to execute the command.

Cooldown: the number of seconds before a Moobot will respond again to the same command. This can be useful to reduce chat spam from Users and Moobot.
Permissions: who is allowed to use the command in chat. If somebody says the command and does not have permission then Moobot will ignore that command.
Only Send When: define when Moobot will respond to the command. This can be streamer online only, streamer offline only, subscriber mode only, or in open chat.

Moobot Spam Protection

Moobot is equipped with a host of moderation tools comparable to many other bots available. It can act as one of your mods removing spam and malicious comments in your Twitch chat automatically.

Moobot moderation settings.

The moderation module can be found on the left side panel below the commands tab.

Message Filters: Set rules for links, caps, symbols, emotes, and repeated messages. There are settings available to give some custom ruling for whitelists (excludes certain users) and Moobot announcements when filters are enforced.
General Settings: here you can define the cooldowns for Moobot filter announcements and Moobot behavior during raids where spam filters may be bypassed for the raiders.
Blacklist Phrases: you can add any unwanted words in chat and define the punishment timeout, any announcement to be made, and who is whitelisted from using the word.
Whitelisted Links: these are links you can add that Moobot will allow being posted without punishment. This can be Youtube videos or Twitter posts for example. Use an asterisk (*) for a wildcard, like* to allow any and all youtube videos to be posted in chat.
Whitelisted Clips: here you can add other Twitch channels from which you allow clips to be posted in your chat.
Permit: certain users can be granted permission to bypass Moobot’s auto-moderation temporarily. You can set a duration limit in seconds to make the granted bypass as temporary as you feel fit for the user.

Moobot Chat Alerts

Moobot has many chat alert features that can be toggled on or off for your personal taste. Enabling will tell Moobot to recognize Twitch Users in chat with messages to promote hype and get more engagement from other viewers. To set up chat alters click on the Features tab and select Chat Notifications under the dropdown menu.

A new window will pop up displaying all the chat alert modules and their settings. Modules include:

  • Follower Notifications: Moobot will post an announcement for any new followers (Premium feature)
  • Subscriber Notifications: a post will be made for any new, re-subscribing, or gifted viewers
  • Bit Notifications: Moobot will display a message in chat for the number of bits donated
  • Raid Notifications: Moobot will announce to your community they are being raided from another stream
  • Host Notifications: Moobot will display a message identifying how as hosted your channel

Moobot can also be unique to your channel by having it use your own Twitch Sub Emotes in the chat alerts. This will require your Moobot to be a subscriber to your channel, if you are a Twitch Partner this can be done free of cost using the lifetime subscriber perk.

Moobot Giveaways

Giveaways are a fun way to return your appreciation to your community and promote increased chat engagement along with encouragement to subscribe to give a better chance of winning. To start a giveaway click on the Community tab on the side panel and select Giveaways. A new window will pop up where you can choose to create a new giveaway, view previous giveaways, or import previous giveaways to repeat again without having to manually set everything up again.

Moobot giveaway module

For an example giveaway after clicking create giveaway in the popup window:
Description: the item or prize for the giveaway. In this case an RTX 3080.
Entry Method: there are two methods for users to enter. You can either select a keyword (in this example it is #giveaway) or chatters guessing a number from a set range you define, the correctly guess number deeming the winner.
Luck Multiplier: the sliders on the bottom are multipliers for your regulars and subscribers should you want to give them better chances of winning versus the random one-timers viewing just for the giveaway. You can increase their chances from twice (2x) to ten times (10x).

There are also advanced options to tweak who can participate in the giveaway along with additional multipliers for the three different subscriber tier levels. Here you can also set the duration of the giveaway if you want it timed along with the messages Moobot will perform during the giveaway.

It’s recommended that you use the advanced options to tweak your Moobot’s announcement messages that inform your community about their chances of winning. This provides your own personal atmosphere within Moobot instead of the generic message everybody else uses in their channel.

Moobot giveaway entry list and winner notification.

Once you hit create, the giveaway will become active and you will see the number of entries climb. Once a winner is selected they will appear on the bottom where you can see if they acknowledged winning or now through using !claim in chat.

Moobot waiting for giveaway winner to claim in chat via !claim command.
Moobot giveaway user has claimed their winning in chat via !claim command.

Moobot Premium Packages

Moobot does offer three premium packages that offer more slots for commands, timers, giveaways, polls, and spam filters. The core package is free while the premium packages are:

  • Affiliate: $4.99 / month
  • Partner: $14.99 / month
  • Business: $24.99 / month

Each plan has their own unique perks allowing you to pick the one that best fits your needs at hopefully a price point that works for you.

Moobot premium packages

It should be noted that only the Business Plan ($24.99/mo) allows Moobot to be renamed with a custom bot name. This is surprising as there are many chatbots that offer this feature for free in their package.

Some other features not available in the free core package are community loyalty features (exclusive giveaway, special spam filter privilege, song requests, extra poll voting), follower chat alert, new chatter alert, twitch hosting, repeat message spam filter, and VIP user priority (Moobot put any command from a VIP before others).

If you decide a premium plan is needed the payment options for the subscription are either through PayPal or direct using a Debit Card or Credit Card.

Alternatively, you can also purchase one-time Moobot Points to add additional slots for commands, filters, and regular users if more is needed from the free package, but you do not want to commit to a monthly fee. However, these Moobot Points are quite expensive so the subscription may be more cost-effective depending on how much you’d like to expand from the free package.

Moobot Takeaway

Moobot packs a lot of quality features into their chatbot, even in their free package. While some paid features can be found in other free chatbot options, Moobot is very user-friendly for beginners and has many customizable features to make it truly unique to only your channel. It is one of the better customizable bots we have reviewed.

While the paid premium subscriptions are a disappointment to see, it can be understandable seeing the amount of effort put into the chatbot by the developers. If you want to support the development of Moobot this is a direct way to show your appreciation as continued updates and features are added to the free package.

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