Lost Ark: Devs Handling Botting Problem

Lost Ark has not been out too long and many are already noticing a huge botting problem. Smilegate, the developer, has been working hard to address the botting issue by reviewing which effective tools and methods can be used to combat these ill-intent players. There have already been over a million bot accounts banned from the Lost Ark servers.

Lost Ark F2P Botting Fight

In the latest roadmap update, Smilegate has released its latest statement regarding the botting issues which does look promising, but may also affect some Free to Play users. This new system will work in conjunction with the player’s Steam account status. There will be limited in-game social restrictions for players with unverified Steam accounts, no purchase history on Steam accounts, and playing Lost Ark Free to Play (did not purchase founder pack). The in-game social restrictions entail:

  • Initiating Player-to-Player trades (Can still trade if another player trades you instead)
  • Exchanging Royal Crystals for Gold
  • Sending in-game mail with attachments
  • Sending in-game gifts
  • Smaller limit on daily Steam purchases (P2W aspects)

Don’t worry, for the majority of players will not even notice a change because chances are their Steam account is linked to a verified email and has some purchases of other games too. Basically, if you have Steam’s social system unlocked on your account you are considered to have a “Trusted” status.

Lost Ark Combatting Fraud

This is huge for limiting the daily Steam purchases for bot accounts as it directly combats any credit card fraud cases the game is fighting. These bot accounts usually ring up stolen credit cards for in-game currency optimizing profits by hitting the maximum daily Steam purchasing limit – usually $1,000 a day. By the time the credit card is disputed, the in-game currency is already lost as it is traded between a network of accounts to try and hide. Smilegate has even made a statement claiming, “this system has helped us see major improvements when it comes to fraudulent game activity.” These are all great moves to keep Lost Ark moving forward and retaining its player base.