Lost Ark: Fix Game Stuttering?

Lost Ark has had a fairly successful launch. However, some are witnessing an annoying occurrence of micro-stuttering and FPS drops. This can be game-breaking in certain scenarios and just downright frustrating. Here are some ways to fix the issue.

Battle Effects Display: Turn Off Other Player’s Skill Animations

Let’s face it, Lost Ark is a flashy, bright, exaggerated game with explosions and colors flying everywhere all while powered by the outdated Unreal Engine 3 hamstringing its performance. Overall, fix stuttering or not, there are some who claim turning the Battle Effects Display option to Include Buff Effects of Party Members Only is almost mandatory. This will turn off all players’ skill animations except your own skills and any heal and buff effects from other players. If you have done Chaos Gates with 30 people you know why. It’s too insane to even see what is going on with 29 other players all attacking the same thing as you while also being able to even see what the boss is doing. Changing the Battle Effects Display settings is pretty much a must-do when you start getting into larger group play – like Procyon’s Compass activities. Another benefit to turning off other players’ skill animations settings is on your gaming pc as it will give a big boost in performance efficiency.

Lost Ark Gameplay settings tab of Control and Display for turning off other player's animations skills called Include Buff Effects of Party Members Only
Lost Ark Controls and Display settings Battle Effects Display for turning off other player's animations skills called Include Buff Effects of Party Members Only
Lost Ark Battle Effects Display options. One being for turning off other player's animations skills called Include Buff Effects of Party Members Only

For the curious folk or genuinely trying to see other options to select for Battle Effects Display here’s all available. All Targets, Include Raid Members, Include Party Members, Include Buff Effects of Party Members, and Display Foes Only.

Close Area Chat

The easiest and best case solution is turning off Area Chat. This tends to be the common remedy for most players – the lucky ones. Simply minimizing the chat window may work, but some also claim to turn it off completely is the correct fix. Fix or not, some may not mind removing area chat simply for not having to see all those gold spamming bots.

Lost Ark minimize area chat to reduce micro stuttering
Lost Ark turn off area chat to reduce micro stuttering

Mouse Polling Rate

If you have a gaming mouse (Logitech, Razer, etc) then you can probably set the mouse’s polling rate (not DPI) within the software settings. Many have stated that Lost Ark does not perform well with polling rates over 500 – most people simply put their gaming mouse at 1,000hz polling rate and forget about it. Set the polling rate on your mouse to under 500, some even report the sweet spot to be 250.

Razer mouse polling rate menu

Disable G-Sync (NVIDIA)

For some players who have solved this stuttering problem, their sworn answer to the fix is disabling G-Sync in the NVIDIA Control Panel. (NVIDIA Control Panel -> Display -> Set up G-SYNC -> Remove tick from “Enable G-SYNC, G-SYNC Compatible”).


Some even go as far as reducing their refresh rate within the NVIDIA Control Panel to 60hz. (Personally, I would try this as a last resort as many claim the fix was just turning G-Sync off) (NVIDIA Control Panel -> Display -> Change Resolution -> Refresh rate: 60Hz).

Install Game on M.2 SSD

It’s well communicated that this game is recommended to be installed on a Solid State Drive (SSD) over a Hard Disk Drive (HDD). However, some players even claim to take it to the next level and state installing Lost Ark on an M.2 SSD solved their stuttering issues.

Samsung M.2 SSD

Personally, we here at Streaminal have Lost Ark installed on an M.2 SSD and still witness some stuttering. But, who knows, it may be worth a try if you are currently on a traditional SSD or HDD and can get your hands on an M.2 SSD.

Limit Refresh Rate on Second Monitor

Most gamers nowadays utilize multiple monitors allowing them to game while also watching Twitch Streamers, Youtube, or reading guides. If you have multiple monitors, try reducing the refresh rate on them to 60hz. It truly is magic.

Right Click on Desktop > Display Settings > Select Second Monitor > Advanced Display Settings > Refresh Rate

Reduce second monitor refresh rate to 60hz


At the end of the day, Lost Ark is an amazing game. It’s engaging to play and even a bit challenging when progressing through the endgame group content. Sure, there are some hiccups that the developers need to optimize. Hopefully, in the near future, there are patches to help reduce the game stuttering, but unfortunately, there’s only so much that can be done running on the outdated Unreal Engine 3. Our best recommendation to reduce the game stuttering is to turn Battle Effects Display to Include Buff Effects of Party Members Only and to turn off Area Chat. If that still does not address the game stuttering issues then try turning off GSYNC and limiting the framerate. If all else fails, look into your mouse polling rate and potentially moving the game install onto an SSD/M.2 SDD.

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