Lost Ark: Free Estoque Upgrade for Levels 5 to 7

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Who else is focusing on sailing in Lost Ark and wants to level their Estoque ship? Well then, you are in for a treat for this month! The daily login for the 19th day of this month is enough Estoque upgrading material that you can level from 5 to 7 totally free for logging in. So if you are casually playing this game you might want to hurry up and make an effort to log on for 30 seconds to catch the remaining days. There are only 6 days left from the date of this post. Your chance for a free Estoque upgrade for Levels 5 to 7 might be now!

For those who are reading this after the month has ended, leave with this info. Check the daily login rewards for the month you are currently on for an Uncommon Ship Enhancement Selection Chest.

Uncommon Ship Enhancement Chest Log in Reward

This month is very generous giving us 2x Uncommon Ship Enhancement Chests. Best of all, within these chests is a Rohendel Ship Upgrade Material Chest (2x total) which allows you to select the Bilbrin Timber to upgrade your Estoque ship. Obtaining these two chests is huge as it gives you literally just enough to get an Estoque ship that is level 5 straight to level 7 – no additional material or effort required. Yes, essentially a free Estoque upgrade from level 5 to 7. This is huge!

Lost Ark Uncommon Ship Enhancement Selection Chest
Lost Ark Rohendel Ship Upgrade Material Chest

Free Estoque Upgrade to Level 7

Opening the two Uncommon Ship Enhancement Chests and choosing Bilbrin Timber from both Rohendel Ship Upgrade Material Chests will net you enough material for taking a level 5 Estoque to level 7. No additional materials, resources, or effort are needed. Yes, a free Estopque upgrade simply for logging into the game 19 times in the monthly reward window.

Lost Ark level 5 Estoque upgrade

You really need 190x Uncommon timber, 112x Bilbrin Timer, 239x Normal Ship Parts, and 70x Uncommon Ship Parts. So, you will have some leftover upgrade materials to keep.

Twitch Amazon Prime Gaming Loot

Don’t forget to check for any free Lost Ark loot if you have Amazon Prime. Every couple of months there are Prime Gaming Rewards for Lost Ark that provides Crystalline Aura (5 days), some material chests, mounts, pets, and even some skins! The material chests offered changes, but we may get lucky once in a while for another Uncommon Ship Enhancement chest listed above.

Amazon Prime Loot for Lost Ark

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Why does a Level 7 Estoque Matter?

Why is a level 7 Estoque so important? Getting to a level 7 Estoque matters because it unlocks an additional sailor crew slot. This is essential for building up your ship’s crew to tackle the open seas with hazardous waters. These slots are required for long-term endgame sailing aiming to build the best Estoque crew.

Lost Ark level 7 crew slot locked


Lost Ark crew slot