Lost Ark: How to get Gienah’s Coins?

Lost Ark has numerous types of currencies you can obtain which can be quite overwhelming at first as you scrabble to figure out how to acquire them in significant amounts to be able to make your desired purchase. One of these types of currencies is a Sailing Coin called Gienah’s Coin. Gienah’s Coins are used for various types of purchases – an example being the Epic Version of Sailor Pupuring.

Lost Ark what is a gienah's coin

Apart from Pirate Coins, Gienah’s Coins are one of the most sought-after coins to farm. Focusing on Gienah’s Coins can also be beneficial as when you feel as though you have an excess amount that is no longer needed you can also trade Gienah’s Coins for Pirate Coins for Crafting Material through the Wandering Merchant Vessels outside any major continent’s port. You really cannot have too many Gienah’s Coins!

Stronghold – Tago Trade Merchant

Lost Ark visiting merchant Tago notification

Keep daily tabs on the traveling merchant visiting your Stronghold. You are looking for Merchant Tago who offers Gienah’s Coins in turn for Raid Seals.

Lost Ark Tago visiting merchant

When you come across Merchant Tago you will be able to trade 300x Raid Seals for 100x Gienah’s Coins. If you are having trouble acquiring Raid Seals you can focus on Sailing Missions within your Stronghold that offer some as rewards from completing sailing expeditions.

Lost Ark Tago trade Raid Seals for Gienah's Coin

Adventure Islands

Many islands do provide High Seas Coin Chests by simply completing the island’s questline. Usually, these quest chains are fairly quick to complete and provide a selection chest for 100x coins of your choice – one being Gienah’s Coin. Acquiring Gienah’s Coins through these selection chests is probably the most reliable way to farm them.

Lost Ark High Seas Coin Chest from Island Adventures
Lost Ark Adventure Island timer alerts settings

You can view these alert settings by the timer notifications at the top left corner of your screen or by going into the Procyon’s Compass and viewing alerts. Hover your mouse over the available island events to see the completion rewards – focusing on the islands that offer High Seas Coin Chests.

The Adventure Islands to look out for are Alteisen, Atropos, Blackfang’s Den, Freedom Isle, Gesbroy, Golden Wave Island, Hope Island, Island of Mist, Isle of Yearning, Kalthertz, Lost City, Lullaby Island, Opher – the Lonely Island, Orvis Island, Peyto, Revelry Row, Runaway Island, Tooki Corporation, and Turtle Island as these islands provide a quite sizeable amount of High Seas Coin chests as rewards.

Sailing Co-op Events

You can also acquire Gienah’s Coins by completing the daily activities across the open seas. Just like Adventure Islands, simply use Procyon’s Compass on the bottom of the minimap and browse the available active quests coming up on the timers.

Lost Ark minimap with icons.  Highlighting the Procyon's Compass icon.
Lost Ark Sailing Co-op timer alerts settings

The Sailing Co-op events you will want to focus on are Arthetine, Anikka, Vern, and Gate of Harmony as these are the only activities that offer Gienah’s Coins as rewards. Also, the amount of Gienah’s Coins you are given is based on your participation and can score you anywhere between 60 to 100 Gienah’s Coins.

Traveling Merchant Ships

Now if you find that you have too many Gienah’s Coins do not worry, there are plenty of things to spend them on! Trade Vessels outside of city ports are very easy to check real quick and provide many sources of spending your Gienah’s Coins. You can trade Gienah’s Coins for Pirate Coins, Ship Upgrade Blueprints, or Ship Crew Applications.

Lost Ark Tea and Herb Merchant Vessel trading Gienah's Coin for Pirate Coins
Lost Ark Wandering Merchant Vessel trading Ship Upgrading Blueprints for Gienah's Coins
Lost Ark Wandering Merchant Vessel trading Crew Applications for Gienah's Coins

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