Lost Ark: How to get Pupuring Sailor?

You’ve chosen the Estoque ship, made some upgrades to it, and have been departing out into the Open Seas on missions. Now you’re wondering what is the next step, how to you obtain new sailors to join your crew and who should you focus on first? A popular favorite is a sailor by the name of Pupuring.

Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel – Pupuring Epic Version

To obtain the epic version of Pupuring you must find the wandering merchant ships outside of each city’s port – specifically the Spearfish Hunting Guild traveling merchant ship. These merchant ships travel around the map every 30 minutes, so you can either wait around at the port for them to cycle through or just periodically check as you have downtime in between other tasks – and hope you get lucky.

Lost Ark Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel traveling merchant ship.

Once you find the Spearfish Hunting Guild vessel at the Wavestrand Port, East Luterra you can purchase the epic version of Sailor Pupuring for 2,004 Gienah’s Coins.

Lost Ark epic version of sailor Pupuring
Lost Ark Gienah's coin

Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel – Pupuring Legendary Version

Like the epic version of Sailor Pupuring the legendary version is also obtained through the wandering merchant ships – specifically the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild.

Lost Ark Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel traveling merchant ship.

Once you find the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild vessel at Nameless Valley, Feiton you can purchase the legendary version of Sailor Pupuring for 40,000 Pirate Coins.

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Island of Mist – Pupuring Relic Version

The Island of Mist is a special island to keep in mind. It offers an exchange via an NPC named Keith where you can turn in Tears of the Abyss for various goods and Relic quality sailors – one of them being sailor Pupuring.

Lost Ark Tears of the Abyss

Tears of the Abyss can be obtained in two different ways.

Lost Ark Sun Coin

By the Punika Spearfish Hunting Guild vessel for 8,016 Sun Coins.

Lost Ark Sea Bounty secret map.

By completing 40 Sea Bounties via secret maps. A second Tears of the Abyss is also rewarded after completing 44 Sea Bounties.

Lost Ark relic version of sailor Pupuring

The hardest part is obtaining one Tears of the Abyss, once you have that it is simply finding Keith on the Island of Mist and purchasing the relic version of Pupuring!

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