Lost Ark: The Optimal Astray Crew

The Astray Ship is the fastest of all the ships, but it is generally weaker in durability than the others. It is the Lamborghini of ships – vroom, vroom. Sure, it can be argued a max-level Estoque ship can be equally superior in certain areas, but in terms of Speed the Astray is the best choice for getting from Point A to Point B the fastest. Also, with the right crew set up on the Astray, you can actually cover most of the base low resistances with selected Sailors. At max endgame content, the Astray is simply the better version of the Estoque and can compete in almost all content except for Ghost Ships.

Astray Crew Summary

Below is a summary view of the crew members available for the Astray Ship. The table is sorted by Sailor and their rarity level (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Relic). The values associated with each column are the resistance values that they would add to your Astray ship if an active crew member. Lastly, the final column on the right is the added speed the sailor would contribute to the ship if an active crew member.

Lost Ark Astray crew summary of sailors

As you can see, depending on which task or event you are trying to pursue you may want to swap in and out sailors to build up ship resistances to target specific hazardous waters. It should be noted that Legendary Blackfang is really hard to unlock, so many players simply choose to go with Rare Blackfang and call it good enough.

Optimal Astray Crew

Selecting the optimal crew set up for speed, speed, speed on the Astray Ship is pretty straightforward. We are focusing our efforts on achieving the highest possible speed benefit while still maintaining enough resistance to be sustainable in the most dangerous hazardous waters.

Note: Reminder in the tables below, Legendary Blackfang is difficult to acquire. You can certainly choose to go with Rare Blackfang instead.

The speed of the Astray really comes down to the Blackfang Sailor perk that sets it much higher above the other ships available. Blackfang’s perk provides a bonus to the amount of boost meter for every “X” distance traveled during the boost. In other words, the boost meter regenerates much quicker – on top of already being the fastest ship available in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark optimal best sailor crew for Astray ship for speed

Alternatively, if you would like a more rounded ship for resistances you can adjust the crew roaster to below – however, at a slight cost in speed. Substituting out Rare Fordin for Relic Wilhelm.

Lost Ark optimal best sailor crew for Astray ship for resistance

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