Lost Ark: Upgrading the Estoque Ship

Estoque is the best cost-effective end-game ship for having superb resistance breakpoints at max level with the best in slot crew. There is a breakpoint for the Estoque sailor crew members previously discussed, highly advise checking it out. It’s definitely a good idea to go get a maxed Estoque to make farming Co-Op Sailing activities easier which will ultimately help your sailing coin income. Of course, prioritize the Giants Hearts and Omnium Star with your sailing coins first. Don’t waste High Seas Coin Chests until you need them, and HIGHLY recommend avoiding the noob trap of converting Sun Coins into Pirate Coins – it will be devastatingly punishing later on. The Estoque ship is best for clicking from Point A to Point B and forgetting about what’s in between to avoid – like going around level 3 or 4 hazardous waters.

The Astray is a luxury ship. Right now, when you are tight on Sailing Coins that could have been invested in building a really good end-game Estoque. The crew for the Astray is twice (2x) the cost of all other sailors for other ships. The Astray even with the best in slot crew has terrible resistances and should only be used for Blackfang’s speed boosting. Basically the Ferrari of the sea! Great for going fast, but terrible for practicality at most Co-Op sailings.

The only other ship you should invest and work towards after the Estoque is Eibern’s Wound. You can use Una’s Completion Tickets to do this daily rather than waiting for the weekly reset. Best of all, you only need the Legendary or Relic quality Berald to get the best Ghost Ship buff. This makes your weekly run of Ghost Ships much more trivial and, in turn, saves you resources of potions and phoenix feathers. Since you usually won’t use the Eibern’s Wound for anything but Ghost Ships, this is a perfect ship to apply the Orka skin. This is because the skin limits the ship’s roster to under 2 crew members, and you really only care about having Berald since buff doesn’t stack.

How to get Ship Upgrading Material

One of the most common questions for new players is about how to get the upgrading materials for ships in Lost Ark – specifically for the Estoque ship as this is one of the first ships you should be maxing out. The simple answer, using lots and lots of Gathering Materials and Pirate Coins. Pirate Coins can be used on the trading vessels outside any port city to purchase any timber (basic and uncommon) and ship blueprints. Sceptrum’s Coins are used for purchasing Bilbrin Timber. Gathering Materials are used at the Processor NPC in any major city to craft the ship parts material (normal and uncommon) – hopefully, you’ve been farming the limber and mining nodes along your travels – you will be needing a lot of these mats.

Getting Basic Timber, Uncommon Timber, and Bilbrin Timber

Getting timber for upgrading your ship is pretty simple and straightforward – for some, much easier than getting the ship parts material. All you have to do is set sail out of any port and locate the Tea and Libra Merchant Vessel and select the Upgrade tab on its menu. The Basic Timber and Uncommon Timber can be purchased for Pirate Coins from the Tea and Libra Guild Vessels, while Bilbrin Timber is purchased from Plumpcrab or Spearfish Guild Vessels using Sceptrum’s Coin (25x each).

Lost Ark Tea and Libra traveling merchant vessel for ship upgrading material such as timber

Now hopefully you have stocked up on Pirate Coins as you will be needing quite a bit to upgrade your Estoque ship to level 10. You can focus on Adventure Islands or Sailing Co-Op activities to farm Pirate Coins, this is easy with Procyon’s Compass. You can also convert High Sea Coins, such as Gienah’s Coin, for Pirate Coins at the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel if you have an abundant amount for a specific coin – we strongly recommend avoiding the mistake of spending any Sun Coins you may have, you want to save Sun Coins for later!

Getting Normal Ship Parts and Uncommon Ship Parts

Farming the Normal Ship Parts and Uncommon Ship Parts tends to be the more tedious effort for upgrading the Estoque ship. You will need to be gatherer level 2 for Woodcutting and Mining in order to farm the Tier 2 (blue) materials. In order to craft the Uncommon Ship Parts Material, you will need Strong Iron Ore (blue), Sturdy Timber (blue), Heavy Iron Ore, and Tender Timber. Take these upgrading materials to the Processor NPC in any major city to start crafting the ship part materials needed.

Lost Ark Processor NPC icon located on the map or minimap of any major city.

To find the Processor NPC in a major city look for this icon on the map or minimap.

Lost Ark Processor NPC for crafting ship parts material for upgrading your ship.

Take notice that crafting ship parts material outputs a quantity of 15. So, in actuality, it is not too bad to farm. You’ll be able to get plenty of ship parts within an hour or two of farming. Especially if you know good farming areas.

If you are in need of ship blueprints, you can buy Estoque blueprints from the Merchant Ship outside of the Wavestrand Port using Gienah’s Coins. It will take 60 blueprints (1,500 Gienah’s Coins) to reach level 5 Estoque. Blueprints are no longer required above level 5.

Daily Login Rewards

Try paying attention to the daily login rewards, especially since they are reset on a monthly basis. There’s often one reward offered for Ship Enhancement Chests which will give you a generous quantity of ship upgrade materials that will certainly help with your grind for Pirate Coins and Gathering Materials.

Oftentimes, depending on the ship enhancement chest being offered during the month, you can completely level your ship two or three levels. For instance, at launch there was a chest was given allowing you to completely level your Estoque ship from level 1 to level 5. Completely free, all you had to do was log into the game for X amount of days to obtain.

So, keep an eye on the monthly daily login rewards. It may make sense to save your time from farming materials and focus on something elsewhere until you acquire the monthly login rewards.

Lost Ark daily login reward for ship upgrading material.   The reward is called Uncommon Ship Enhancement Selection chest.

Leveling the Estoque Ship

Reaching level 10 on the Estoque ship may take some time for some players, and that’s okay! At the end of the day, Lost Ark is an MMO and it’s meant to be a slow grind. Reaching level 5 Estoque should be fairly easy and quick for most players. It’s from level 5 to level 10 that will either stump new players on how to progress or begin to show the true grind process of the MMO. And for the elitist, reaching level 11 is just insane. Don’t be discouraged, simply chip away at it over time and before long you will get there.

There are two breakpoints you want to aim for when leveling up the Estoque ship. First, reaching level 5 (easy to do) and second, pushing to level 7 (may take a little more time). Reaching these leveling breakpoints will reward your Estoque with an additional crew slot. This is important as it will provide your Estoque with additional hazard resistances as well as speed increases. The end goal is to allow you to set up the best optimal crew on your Estoque ship.

Lost Ark Estoque level breakpoints for unlocking crew slots

Below is a table showing the required Estoque upgrade materials needed for each level 1-10. The Timber column refers to Basic Timber, Uncommon Timber, Steel Plate, and Special Steel Plate. Normal Ship Parts Material is required for all levels of the Estoque upgrades, while additional Uncommon Ship Parts Material or Rare Ship Parts Material are also needed. Lastly, the special column identifies blueprints, Bilbrin Timber, Grey Hammer Iron Ingot, and Wavestrand Sailcloth which are all purchased from Trading Guild Vessels.

Lost Ark materials needed for upgrading Estoque level from 1 to 10

In total, the number of materials needed to reach level 10 Estoque starting from level 1 are:

  • 180x Basic Timber
  • 190x Uncommon Timber
  • 230x Steel Plate
  • 130x Special Steel Plate

Total Cost: 322,500 Pirate Coins

  • 1,383x Normal Ship Parts
  • 117x Uncommon Ship Parts
  • 94x Rare Ship Parts

Processor NPC Crafting

  • 60x Estoque Blueprints (1,500 Gienah Coins)
  • 112x Bilbrin Timber (2,800 Sceptrum Coins)
  • 170x Gray Hammer Iron Ignot (4,250 Arcturus Coins)
  • 128x Wavestrand Sailcloth (3,200 Ancient Coin)

Trading Guild Vessels

The Auction House is always an alternative option for acquiring the materials above; however, this will be quite an expensive option to take. Manually farming what would be needed is fairly simple, but takes time. If time is more valuable to you, then certainly using the Auction House is a reliable method.