Melvor Idle: Best Ways to get Prayer Points

So, you’ve maxed out prayer and feel like it is probably a smart move to stock up on points, as they will be useful for all combat types and pushing endgame content. Or maybe you’re currently at endgame and have burned through your prayer points already. What’s the best way to get prayer points in Melvor Idle?

Here are some of the best options for farming prayer points in Melvor Idle!

Fishing Skeleton Fish in the Secret Area

This is the easiest and laziest way of farming for prayer points in Melvor Idle. No gameplay babysitting is required for this. Simply idle fishing and catch skeleton fish for 24 hours, come back and bury for 3x Prayer Points for each fish. That’s it, rinse and repeat until satisfied!

The common consensus seems to be to grind out 1M prayer points and then go push/farm combat progression.

Gaining Access to the Fishing Secret Area

So, you want access to the Secret Fishing Area in Melvor Idle, huh? Well then, buckle up as you have luck or a lot of grinding to do.

Melvor Idle Message in a Bottle special item for unlocking the secret area in fishing.

You gain access to the fishing Secret Area by simply being actively fishing in a Fishing Zone with a chance for a special item called Message in a Bottle. Most fishing zones have a minimum 8% chance of finding a special item, but zones such as Trench of Despair or Open Waters have 10% while the Secret Area, once unlocked, has a 13% chance for special items.

Also more unfortunate complexity to it, of the special items found from fishing, the message in a bottle has a drop rate of about 0.15%. Don’t worry though, hopefully, you’re lucky, and after grinding to level 99 fishing you have found the message in a bottle somewhere along the way. I fortunately was!

Final tip, once you obtain the bottle and “read” it, the item has no additional use and can be sold to save bag space. You will not lose access to the secret area for not having the message in a bottle in your bags after reading it.

Endgame Elite Slayer Tasks and Buying Generous Resupply Packs

The endgame consensus seems to be to purchase the Slayer Resupply Packs in the Shop using Slayer coins for prayer points. You get 1,000x Magic Bones (10,000 prayer points) at a cost of 20,000 slayer coins. You also get 200x cooked sharks which are handy too.

Melvor Idle shop slayer Generous Resupply Pack.

To get started, generally, 1M prayer points from skeleton fishing + astrology bonuses + prayer scrolls (thieving) which reduce prayer cost and can pretty much last you until you can start affording slayer resupply pack runs.

With the right setup, you can gain about 300k Slayer coins/hr which can buy 15 Generous Resupply packs/hr. This equates to giving you around 15k magic bones resulting in about about 150k prayer points gained per hour.