Rimworld Optimizing Sleeping Speed

Are you wondering how to make your pawns sleep faster so that they can be awake longer to get things done faster and be more efficient with time? Here are the best ways to optimize sleep rest effectiveness in Rimworld.

Does Bed Quality Effect Rest Effectiveness in Rimworld?

When your pawn sleeps, they do so to rest. Obviously, this is seen on their rest bar. Every second spent sleeping, is a second that your pawn could have otherwise spent awake completing tasks, but is instead just sleeping away. So an often overlooked goal for the colony is that we want to optimize for Rest Effectiveness, where we can.

Does Type of Bed Matter in Rimworld?

Yes! As with real life, sleeping on the ground in Rimworld is less effective as to sleeping in a royal bed. Below is a summary of the Rest Effectiveness by type of bed, sleeping on the ground or on a bedroll being a negative Rest Effectiveness for the pawn.

Type of BedRest Effectiveness Multiplier
(Normal Quality)
Sleeping Spot (Ground)0.80
Royal Bed1.05
Rest Effective Multiplier for each type of bed in Rimworld.

But wait?

Does Item Quality of a Bed also Affect Rest Effectiveness in Rimworld?

Yes! Also as with real life, sleeping on an old worn-out mattress compared to an excellent condition mattress you will notice a better sleeping experience. In Rimworld the item quality of the bed does affect the rest effectiveness multiplier of the bed when used by the pawn.

Quality LevelRest Effectiveness Multiplier
Rest Effective Multiplier for each item quality level of a bed.

This means if a pawn sleeps on a Good quality bed they will receive an 8% boost in the time to regain rest, while a masterwork bed would provide a 25% increase making rest time even faster. Below is a comparison between a regular bed and royal bed rest effectiveness increases by item quality. Note that single and double beds of the same bed type have the same stats.

Item QualityRegular BedRoyal Bed
Percentage change in rest effectiveness of beds.

What does this table actually mean above? If a pawn is at zero rest and goes to bed on a normal regular bed they will take 10 hours to rest to 100% rest, while if the same pawn goes to bed on a masterwork bed it would only take them 8 hours to be fully rested – gaining 2 hours back for productive time and increasing the colony’s overall efficiency.

This makes high-level construction and crafting pawns that much more important to obtain in your colony as it will improve the overall efficiency of every pawn who can take advantage of sleeping on a higher-quality bed. If you are lucky to get some specific traits on construction or crafting pawn and you got a near-perfect crafter possible in Rimworld.

But wait, again. What about other bedroom furniture like end tables and dressers?

Do End Tables and Dressers Effect Rest Effectiveness in Rimworld?

No, end tables and dressers do not help to increase the rest effectiveness of a pawn when sleeping in a bed. End Tables and Dressers will affect the pawn’s comfort recovery rate – similar to the rest meter there is another bar for their current comfort level. Beds, themselves, also have their own comfort effectiveness multipliers just like rest effective multipliers. Again, like the real world, sleeping on the ground has poor comfort levels as compared to sleeping in a royal bed that provide the highest comfort.

Rimworld bedroom furniture

If you are only focused on reducing the sleeping time of your pawns then you do not need to prioritize building dressers and end tables in their bedrooms, but rather crafting the highest quality level of the bed possible for the current skill level of your builder pawn.

So, to recap what we have learned.

What to focus on to reduce sleeping time in Rimworld?

Item quality of the bed directly affects the time spent in bed for the pawn to become fully rested. Other bedroom furniture, such as dressers and end tables, does not help in reducing the time pawns spend sleeping in their bed. However, dressers and end tables will help increase the pawn’s comfort recovery rate which is a different condition bar to monitor, like the rest bar.