Rimworld: Should Pawns be Drinking Beer?

Who doesn’t love beer? Let it be after a hard day’s work or the breakfast drink of choice, let your pawn decide!

Beer in Rimword is considered a social drug in beverage form, but, unlike other Rimworld drugs, beer provides a small amount of nutrition and recreational benefits. However, overuse of beer in Rimworld may lead your pawn to intoxication as well as an alcohol addiction.

Is Beer in Rimworld Beneficial?

Beer in Rimworld is one of the best drugs to allow your colonists to enjoy. While slightly nutritious and providing some recreational needs, it is mainly used by veteran players as a means to improve a pawn’s mood to prevent mental breaks.

One beer drink will provide 0.08 nutrition and fulfill 17% recreation. The primary benefit is that the first beer provides a +10 mood boost for the next 5 hours.

Are there diminishing returns to drinking more than one beer?

As with reality in real life, consecutive beers in Rimworld will also come with some diminishing returns on the positive perks along with increasing the negative effects. After the initial first beer, consecutive beers afterward will not provide as big of an impact positively on the pawn and eventually lead to more severe negative debuffs.

Rimworld breaks down alcohol effects on pawns into five different levels.

LevelMood BoostPain ReductionMovement ReductionConsciousness LimitSocial FightSide Effects
Warm+1010%No debuffNo debuffNo debuff-2% Manipulation
Drunk+2050%-10%65%x4.0Vomiting (1x/day)
Hammered+2670%-10%50%x5.0Vomiting (5x/day)
Blackout090%No debuffMax 10%No debuffChemical Damage

How many beers should a pawn drink?

There is a sweet spot for allowing your colonist to drink beer and not overdo it to negatively impact their work day. The ideal number of beers a pawn should have is two with no more than three consecutively, assuming the pawn starts with an initial alcohol tolerance of 0%. Here’s the breakdown for time spent (hours) in each drunk level as stated in the previous table.

# of BeersWarmTipsyDrunkHammeredBlackout
14.8 hours0000
28 hours1.6 hours000
38 hours4.8 hours1.5 hours00
48 hours4.8 hours6.1 hours00
58 hours4.8 hours9.6 hours1 hour0
68 hours4.8 hours9.6 hours5.5 hours0
78 hours4.8 hours9.6 hours6.4 hours3.2 hours

Clearly, two beers are the winner where your pawn will only be tipsy for a little over an hour and a half and then have a full 8 hours of the +10 mood boost and 10% pain reduction. After four beers, the negatives begin to weigh heavier than the positives.

What about developing alcohol addiction in Rimworld?

Beer in Rimworld is one of the hardest drugs for pawns to become addicted to. A pawn at 0% tolerance would be required to drink 15 beers to get addicted – they go blackout drunk at 7 beers, so it’s very unlikely in one session.

Therefore, beer is a great drug option for pawns that have Chemical Interest traits.

Verdict: Yay or Nay to Beer Drinking

Yes, it is okay to let your pawns drink any beer you brew or trade.

Beer has a relatively safe cooldown where a pawn can drink one beer every 2 days and never become addicted. The beneficial mood boost is a huge perk in keeping spirits high in your colony.

Feel free to set up a custom policy to avoid addictions, only drink if mood below 25%, and only once per day at most. Your colony will be good to go!