Twitch Extensions: BetterTTV vs. FrankerFaceZ vs. 7TV

If you’ve seen people typing “Pepega”, “KEKW”, “POGGERS”, and “ratJAM” in chat but all you see are words, chances are they are using a Twitch extension. And you are missing out on the fun.

Twitch has 3 major browser extensions for chat emotes. The number of users is taken from each of their pages on the Google Chrome Extensions Store:

If you are active on Twitch using a computer, either as a streamer or a viewer, this alone should be a reason to add it to your browser. BTTV and FFZ have options that allow you to customize Twitch to your liking. I personally use BTTV, but each has slight differences in options. I suggest checking out both and seeing which one you like the best.

Some of these extensions allow you to customize Twitch to your liking. For example, they let you do things like:

  • supports expanding emote formats: animated, wide, zero-width
  • auto collect bonus channel points
  • pin messages with mentions to the top of your chat
  • Anon chat, hide usernames in the viewer list
  • auto expand your followed channels list
  • and more!

New Emotes for Viewers

Probably the biggest reason for many people to use these chat extensions are for the emotes.

The extensions’ emotes work alongside the ones already built into Twitch like “LUL” and “PogChamp”. They will allow you to see “MonkaS“, “KEKW“, “FeelsBadMan“, and “POG” as emotes instead of words.

I’d even argue that the emotes that appear with these extensions are an essential part of Twitch culture.

For me personally, when I enter a channel with little to no support of BTTV, FFZ, or 7TV emotes, I feel like half of the Twitch experience is missing. With the recent rise in new streamers and viewers, I felt the need to bring everyone up to speed on what makes the site fun for many seasoned Twitch veterans.

Which Twitch Extension is Better

You can have all three at once if you want to. They don’t cause any issues for each other. So, if you don’t mind having a bunch of extensions for twitch installed on your browser you can just install all three.

For years, BTTV and FFZ have been the major players for Twitch emotes, but recently 7TV has begun to pick up popularity thanks to support for both wide and zero-width emotes. It’s allowing people to be more creative not only with the design of emotes but also with how people use the emotes in chats in different situations.

If you want just one extension installed, then FFZ is probably the best one to go for. It’s very stable, has special addons through the extension itself for seeing BTTV and 7TV emotes, and also has the most customization for Twitch.

Twitch Extension BTTV, FFZ, 7TV Comparison Summary

(Free Features)BTTVFFZ7TV
# of Emote Slots3025200
BTTV EmotesYesAddon AvailableYes
FFZ EmotesYesYesYes
7TV EmotesNoAddon AvailableYes
Static EmotesYesYesYes
Animated EmotesYesNoYes
Wide EmotesYesYesYes
Overlapping EmotesBTTV Emotes OnlyNoYes
Can Customize TwitchYesYesNo
OBS/Streamlabs ChatYesYesNo

If considering 7TV as a streamer, OBS and other chat tools don’t support the emotes yet, that means emotes won’t be visible if you show your live chat on stream. Hopefully, 7TV gets integration with OBS, Streamlabs, and Streamelements soon.

Paid Features for Each Twitch Extension

 You really only need to consider the “paid versions” once you feel that your chat becomes active enough to make it worth it.

I recommend first getting FFZ’s paid version. It will double your FFZ emote slots from 25 to 50 for just a one-time cost. After that, then you should consider if it’s really worth paying about $5 every month for extra emotes from BTTV and/or 7TV.

(Paid Features)BTTVFFZ7TV
Price$4.99 monthly$5.00 one time$4.33 monthly
Added Emote Slots105 (225)*50200
Global EmotesYesNoYes
Supporter BadgeNoYesYes
Custom Mod BadgeNoYesNo
Custom VIP BadgeNoYesNo
Animated Profile PictureNoNoYes

BTTV added emote slots start at 105 upon first payment and increase with each monthly payment forward by 5 slots, capping at 225 slots after 24 months of subscribing.

Overall I think FFZ is the cheapest here, but also offers the least amount of emotes /slots.

BTTV is the middle ground and in my eyes a bit expensive in comparison to what you get, but still okayish value.

7TV has the cheapest subscription, but you get the 200 slots anyway so is it really necessary to have 400+ slots?

Core Mainstream Emotes

There are thousands of emotes in each of the libraries of BTTV, FFZ, and 7TV. That said, there are a few mainstream popular emotes that are so widely used that most people would already expect to see them added to your channel. You can still choose whether or not to add these emotes, but I highly recommend using some of your free slots for a couple of these.

For the most part, you can look at each extension’s emote library and go through the list of the most used emotes. You’ll be able to get the idea of which are core emotes.

Each emote has a situation in which they’re used. The emotes have small nuances that make them work well in very specific situations. As you see and use the emotes more and more, you’ll be able to pick up on these things which is part of the fun.

Should You Download 3rd-Party Twitch Emote Extension?

If you haven’t yet used the BetterTTV, FrankerFaceZ, or 7TV extensions either as a viewer or a streamer, I HIGHLY recommend giving them a try. Your Twitch experience will change dramatically and you might discover a part of the site’s atmosphere and culture that you could really enjoy.

If you’re a viewer and are not sure which extension to install, I suggest installing BTTV or FFZ. FFZ is probably the best one to go for. It’s stable and has special add-ons through the extension itself for adding BTTV and 7TV emotes too. FFZ seems to be doing improvements in a lot more careful and flexible way, and patches come out quickly too.

If you’re a streamer, I suggest connecting your Twitch account to all 3 websites to have access to all of the emotes from all extensions. But if you’re hesitant about doing that, at the minimum I recommend at least connecting your account with BTTV or FFZ. Then at the very least install FFZ, or BTTV+7TV to cover all bases. Remember though, 7TV emotes don’t yet work with OBS or Streamlabs so be aware of that.